How we started

Seng Liy Engineering was founded in 2013

with a focus in supplying concrete profile accessories to building construction projects in Malaysia. The first product we supplied to the local construction market was PVC corner beads. Due to the high quality of our supplied corner beads and our client-first approaches, we have gained a large number of industry clients who have been trusting us throughout all these years.

A Reputation We Earn

We earn our good reputation through our products’ great quality and our on-time delivery. All our products, especially the extruded PVC corner beads, are manufactured and tested locally; additionally, it is certified by the Malaysian SIRIM for guaranteed quality.

What we believe

We truly believe in Integrity and Success. Seng Liy, the name of our company, was created from the Chinese character “诚” and “立”, both characters are abbreviated from “诚信” (Integrity) and “立业” (Success). Without integrity, business will go and the foundation will never be built. Since the inception of Seng Liy, we have been building high integrity service among our customers and suppliers and it has led us to a solid foundation of our company.

Our Company Culture

We deeply believe in self growth and development. At Seng Liy, we spot the potentialities of each of our employees and provide them an environment for further career advancement. We absolutely understand that employees are the asset of our company.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in green building materials supply

Our Mission

To be the advocate of energy efficient building products, create a widely spread and positive awareness of utilizing green building materials



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